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GSI offers precise printing and converting to enable medical diagnostic and therapeutic products. Our sensors are circuit-based components custom-crafted to fit the needs of our customers’ biochemical and electrochemical processes. Serving a wide variety of applications, our team of material scientists, electrical engineers, and chemical engineers transform our customers’ sensor concepts into viable prototypes. Printing precise multi-layer structures with lased vias allows for unique thru-hole conductivity critical for certain devices. Once the product is developed, GSI can scale to production manufacturing per ISO 13485 standards, and strict IQ/OQ/PQ validation processes. Some of the sensors and electrodes we produce:

  • Amperometric Sensors including Multi-Assay Cartridges for In Vitro Diagnostics – Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Troponin, STD & Custom Test strips
  • Wearable sensors for Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Electrolytes and Sweat sensors
  • Microfluidic devices and cell counters for Flow Cytometry
  • Diagnostic electrodes – ECG, EKG, EEG and EOG
  • Transdermal drug delivery incorporating Iontophoretic patches

Medical Electrodes & Sensor Capabilities

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GSI participates in the development and production of technologically advanced diagnostic and therapeutic electrodes for the healthcare industry. To support the rapidly changing healthcare market and to assist in significantly reducing manufacturing costs, GSI has invested in many technical resources and state of the art capabilities:

  • Engineering team with years of experience scaling and manufacturing medical devices following IQ/OQ/PQ protocols
  • Precision sheet based print processing for small prototype quantities
  • Scalable high volume precise sheet fed and roll to roll printing
  • Laser finishing or thru-hole placement for complex multi-layer structures
  • Proven partner relationships for turnkey device finishing and packaging


GSI Medical Printing Advantages


With manual sheet-fed, automatic sheet-fed, and web roll to roll presses in-house, GSI can tailor the size of each run to the opportunity or substrate used, and easily scale when demand rises. Many manufacturing lines utilize 100% electrical testing for continuous process control and continuous vision systems for defect detection.


Products are produced every day based on a large variety of substrates and conductive materials. Polymer film and paper substrates are quite common. A broad choice of ink systems are available depending on desired functionality; systems include silver, silver / silver chloride, gold, carbon, platinized carbon, nickel, zinc, bismuth, tungsten, graphene, and various unique nanoparticle materials.


GSI has long-standing relationships with key material, technology, and equipment suppliers, enabling us to give you consistent quality at competitive prices.


We have produced billions of medical electrodes annually since entering this market. We’re pleased to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Whole Process

We have the knowledge and equipment to help you at every stage of manufacturing, from prototypes all the way to global scale production following IQ/OQ/PQ protocols and ISO 13485 requirements. In many cases, we can even improve your time to market.

Our team includes experienced engineers and a full service art department that is prepared to meet your manufacturing requirements.
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