Precision Quality with Every Order

At Nissha GSI Technologies, our goal is to be the intelligent choice for any and all functional printing solutions. As a result, we are committed to offering outstanding quality, service, and regulatory compliance in our customers' continually evolving markets. We are dedicated to innovative and continuous improvement which is evident in our products, services, and operating principles. Our experienced engineering team and superior customer support ensure that the quality of your project meets the highest standards, from inception to production.

Nissha GSI has a mature Quality Management System and has been ISO certified since 2001. We are currently registered to both the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 International Standards.

Quality Control

Nissha GSI is dedicated to a system where quality is built into the product at every step of the manufacturing process. Our quality procedures include:

  • 100% testing
    • All printed electronic images are subject to in-line conductivity and resistance specification quality checks plus a 100% manual inspection by our inspection department before any product is shipped.
  • Retention of prints taken at every roll change
  • Testing at 1st Article Approval
    • Dimensional verification
    • Electrical resistance testing across patterns or parts
    • Ink deposit thickness measurement
    • Adhesion test, including 3M tape and crosshatch
    • Pencil hardness, where applicable
  • Color verification using spectrophotometer, colorimeter, or MacBeth light

Manufacturing Up to Standard

Nissha GSI has a structured product scale-up and validation program to support both medical device and automotive PPAP requirements. We leverage Controlled Change Management Processes and a Master Black Belt on staff to promote lean manufacturing principles in order to offer reliable and repeatable quality to our customers.

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