Solutions for the Rapidly Evolving
Functional Printing Market

At Nissha GSI, we pride ourselves on having the most robust facility for printed electronics in North America with a full vertical product offering capable of small prototype production to fulfilling orders by the millions.

Our roll-to-roll screen printing process, in combination with sheet printing capabilities, makes us one of the only producers in the country that can tailor to your every need regardless of the quantity from small volume prototypes to mass production in the millions. We can create comparatively thick deposition layers (5 to 30 micron) that result in tough, reliable, and long-lasting products. The roll-to-roll product allows us to run our production lines at high rates and our consistently high-quality manufacturing helps avoid downtime. Our modern equipment can print on both film and paper substrates using functional silver, carbon, or photovoltaic inks, all cured with either our UV or thermal in-line processes.

For every step of the process, our diverse team of engineers offers support in printed designs requiring materials science, electrical, chemical, and/or mechanical engineering knowledge. Each customer works closely with our design and production engineers to perfect product specifications and make each project possible.

The flexible nature of our equipment and processes, combined with the experience of our staff, makes it possible for us to be the “what if” resource for customers looking to improve their products by using our custom capability to develop a new design that employs a printed electronics solution.

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