Printing Capabilities

Multi-Process Printing Solutions

Our print capabilities are centered around screen printing (both roll-to-roll and sheet form), as it is the proven superior printing process used for printed electronics. We have in-house capabilities for prototype-size print runs and short-run commercial jobs scaling to high commercial volumes. Our facility houses top-of-the-line Kinzel German printing presses as well as roll-to-roll web screen presses, which give us the printing versatility and precision needed to bring your designs and products to life.

Screen Printing

Multiple screen printing lines accommodate durable and high precision printed electronic components. Our services include in-house, vertically integrated film development, screen stretching, and final production screen processing. We offer screen printing and have several types of presses: manual presses for prototype and low volume production, semi-automatic for mid-level quantities, and automatic for high commercial volume. Screen printing capabilities include:

  • Roll-to-roll as well as hand and auto feed flatbed presses
  • Roll or sheeted delivery
  • Thicknesses from .003” to .125”
  • High precision registration capabilities holding +/- 200µm registration layer to layer
  • For printed electronics products, in-line resistance and uniformity testing
  • Computerized vision system inspection
  • In-house ink and color matching
  • Selective adhesive applications

Materials: Inks and Substrates


Silver | Silver Chloride | Nano Silver | Nano Chromic | Gold | Carbon | Platinized Carbon | Nickel | Zinc | Bismuth | Tungsten | Graphene | Graphic Design Inks | and various unique nanoparticle materials


PVC | PE | Polycarbonate | Coated and Uncoated Paper |
Silicone | ITO Sputtered | Polyester/PET | Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU)

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