Printed Electronic Heaters

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Request a Working Sample Sheet of Our Printed Heater Circuitry

Nissha GSI believes that our printed capabilities speak for themselves – and the proof is in the product. Request a sample sheet showcasing our heating capabilities to see the circuitry come to life.

  • The sheet will be mailed to your specified address.
  • An instructions guide is included with each order to explain the power, polarity, and maximum temperature of the sample sheet.
  • A battery source is required with 5 to 24 VDC or VAC.

Our engineers and estimators work closely with our customers from the concept stage through design, engineering, material evaluation, and testing. Trust the Nissha GSI team to bring the heat to your next project.

Nissha GSI Heater Circuitry Sheet
Nissha GSI Heater Circuitry Sheet

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