Printed Flexible Antennas for NFC and HDTV

Nissha GSI began the journey into printed electronics with investments in roll-to-roll screen printing lines capable of manufacturing millions of contactless antennae. In recent years, these same roll-to-roll capabilities were advanced to service the growing HDTV antenna market. We continue to service a variety of RF applications requiring unique signal-to-noise ratio performance for consumer and industrial RFID installations. Nissha GSI engages with customers' developing unique antenna and near-field communication (NFC) applications enabled by our printed electronic capabilities.

Printed Antenna Capabilities

Nissha GSI has assisted many antenna customers by supplying initial concept samples, rolls of completed printed antennae ready for chip attach, or finished printed antennae ready for connector and housing attachment. Many of these markets are highly cost competitive, and Nissha GSI has the knowledge and experience to assess and control manufacturing costs.

Our top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience allow for:
  • Quick prototype generation and scalable roll-to-roll processing
  • Precision die cutting and laser processing for printed antenna finishing
  • Online vision inspection to ensure defect free printed antennas

Nissha GSI Antenna Printing Advantages


Roll-to-roll printed lines, some with capabilities to produce multiple layers in series, offer a low cost single-pass alternative for producing antennae in high volume. Single samples at the correct size, are easily created on prototyping equipment, and will quickly scale to the production systems for volume manufacturing.


Experience in printing and laminating many unique films and adhesives for functional cards. Antenna production has been demonstrated on paper stock to serve as an inlay within package board. Flexible ink systems are available for challenging, highly-conformal requirements.


Nissha GSI first entered the active card market over a decade ago by producing printed antennae for NFC and modules for one-time passcode cards. We have acquired a deep understanding of materials and interactions and are ready to be leveraged for your product needs.


Nissha GSI has long-standing relationships with key material, technology, and equipment suppliers, enabling us to give you consistent quality at competitive prices.

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