Printed Electronics

Nissha GSI services numerous customers with our conductive printing capabilities, from prototype to full-scale production. Our customers' designs are each unique and require Nissha GSI’s expertise in matching ink characteristics with print processes and end product performance attributes. We offer a complete printed electronics solution including screen printing in sheets and roll-to-roll printing on state-of-the-art, wide format equipment to ensure the best quality products and reliable service. All work and quality control is done in-house to mitigate risk and enhance success.

Our seven roll-to-roll screen printing lines makes us one of the only producers in the country that can create comparatively thick deposition layers resulting in long-lasting, durable prints. This combination of quality, speed, and reliable performance has led many companies to become Nissha GSI customers. In addition to printed electronics, combining with our heat transfer capabilities allows for printed circuits to transfer to any shape or material, including stretch fabrics and other wearables.

Printed Circuitry Capabilities

Nissha GSI’s printed electronics manufacturing expertise is fully capable across most polymer thick film constructions specializing in printed silver flex circuits. Investments and partnerships enable us to produce single, double-sided, and multi-layer circuits. Capabilities exist to pre-process film or paper substrates with selective place openings (via’s) or surface chemistry prior to creating 100% additive conductive structures. Available services and solutions include:

  • Conductive circuit printing in sheet and roll-to-roll format
  • Experienced with traditional conductive inks and many new technology developments (nanoparticle systems)
  • Ability to change the design resistance by 9 orders of magnitude through ink selection
  • Full range of UV and thermal curing systems
  • Multilayer flex circuits including through-hole printing
  • Laser ablation of transparent conductors
  • Secondary die cutting by hard tool or laser
  • Statistical process control
  • Dedicated engineering team to assist in manufacturing flow optimization

Nissha GSI Printed Electronics Advantages

Nissha GSI has the knowledge and the established partner relationships to help customers at every stage of manufacturing from prototypes all the way to global-scale production. Our installed manufacturing base includes the ability to make a single device to volumes in excess of billions. Printing assets will deposit conductive, resistive, and insulating inks, while laser processing and laminating creates unique functional structures. Our printers have the ability to produce high layer count products (excess of 10 layers) and sheet or roll-form products can be supplied depending on customer requirements. Many manufacturing lines utilize 100% electrical testing for ongoing process control and continuous vision systems for defect detection.


Extremely broad range of materials selection including:

  • Silver (Ag)
  • Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl)
  • Carbon
  • Graphene
  • Nickel
  • Iron
  • Tungsten
  • Bismuth
  • Zinc
  • Blends such as Platinized Carbon
  • ITO films processed with IR Laser Ablation


Nissha GSI services numerous customers with our conductive printing capabilities. We have formulated strategic partnerships in North America, Europe, and Asia to satisfy market demands for secondary operations.


Nissha GSI has an extensive and very broad engineering capabilities and our team has helped many companies navigate difficult technical problems not solved by other manufacturing partners.


Flat-bed print lines are utilized to support early stage process development and for producing prototypes. As volume grows, our roll-to-roll print lines have the print speed and drying capacity to support high-volume requirements. In excess of 16 billion sensors have been produced on Nissha GSI’s installed manufacturing base.


All application development and manufacturing is performed within an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified quality system. Automated print lines are outfitted with proven vision inspection and 100% real-time electrical testing supported by statistical process control systems, ensuring high yields and consistent product quality.

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