Printed Electronics incorporate the deposition of a printable material that delivers an active or passive functionality beyond traditional graphics media. The resulting product will have unique fit, form and function with possible component layers to control conductivity, resistivity, insulating properties, fluid dynamics, or chemical processes. Functional printing enables the benefits of printed electronics. Printed Electronics deliver the scale & economics of printing, the function of electrical/electronics all within unique form factors: thin, laminar & flexible. GSI’s Printed Electronics division includes engineering support to work closely with our customers from the concept stage through design, engineering, material evaluation and testing. Our stage gate process then drives prototyping and final validation processes to assure that our products meet our customers’ unique requirements.


Our Custom Solutions Increase Your Profits

The Functional Printing division of GSI Technologies is dedicated to the highest quality production and integration of a wide range of active products and components, including contactless card antennas, electroluminescent lamps, diagnostic and therapeutic medical electrodes, printed conductors and smart card inlay assemblies. Our focus on custom solutions and commitment to excellence enables technical product integrators and OEMs to lower production costs, enhance the performance of their products, and increase the profitability of their businesses.


Printed Electronics for the Medical Industry

GSI has the capacity to manufacture part volumes in the billions commercially for the medical diagnostic and life sciences industries with more than a decade of experience using conductive carbon, Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) and silver inks. We are also working with next generation materials including nano-silver, graphene and carbon nanotube inks. We can print on:

  • Medical Electrodes & Sensors
  • Antennas
  • Heating/Warming Elements
  • Electroluminescent Lamps
  • Printed Circuitry


Other Printed Electronics Applications

On the printed electronics side, print engineering and advanced material development have led GSI to be an emerging supply chain partner with various consumer product customers. Unique consumer electronic applications and markets continue to develop and GSI is positioned to support these developing applications:

  • Consumer printed electronics – antennas & lighting
  • Wearables and flexible electronic products
  • Printed Thermistors & Thermal applications
  • High density connectors

Printed Electronics Technologies & Capabilities

Let GSI Technologies help you take your most innovative ideas to market with our Lab to Fab model. GSI practices a “Lab to Fab” model, contributing development resources at cost to strategic partners in exchange for first right of commercial production. Working together as partners, we will take your product off the laboratory bench into full production.

  • Dedicated customized printing presses
  • Full range of printing technologies with specialization in screen and flexography
  • Sheet and roll to roll operations
  • Thermal and UV curing capable
  • Bolt on secondary and support operations
  • Cleanliness, temperature, and humidity control
  • Automatic data capture with statistical process control
  • Many analytical tools


We Partner with our Customers

The vision of the GSI’s Functional Printing Division is to “Be a leading specialty manufacturing service provider by leveraging printing as a core technology to produce devices with unique fit, form, and function.” We will partner with our customers to bring products out of the laboratory through pilot volumes and ultimately to full scale manufacturing. We have core competencies in the development and production of printed electronics products. Similarly, we have a supplier proposition. Material suppliers that bring opportunities to GSI are given the commitment to supply, assuming continuous technical, economic, and customer approval.

Our pre-press solution and full service art department is capable of handling any of your needs. Click here for more info and for the ability to upload your artwork.


If you are looking for printing solutions for medical, electrical, industrial, automotive, or consumer products, GSI is the company to call. Call us at 630-325-8181, tell us what you need and let us come up with a solution that fits.

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