Medical Patches

Transdermal Medical Patches with Printed Electronics

Pharmaceutical makers use Nissha GSI’s functional printed electronic products for the timely delivery of medicine and pain relief drugs through the skin (transdermal drug delivery). Electronic skin patches could well be described as the ultimate wearable electronic device as printed electronics allow for conductive circuitry to be printed using advanced conductive silver-based inks, creating thin, flexible, and cost-effective products. These patch devices deploy electronic technology, including sensors and actuators with appropriate processing, energy storage, and communication directly to a specific part of the body.

Printed transdermal patches (commonly referred to as iontophoretic patches) are used for many applications that have their own distinct systems of medication delivery. These applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Cardiac Monitoring
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Motion Detection

Nissha GSI Medical Printing Advantages

We have the knowledge and equipment to help you at every stage of manufacturing, from prototypes all the way to global-scale production following IQ/OQ/PQ protocols and ISO 13485 requirements. In many cases, we can even improve your time to market.


Long-standing relationships with key material, technology, and equipment suppliers enable us to give you consistent quality at competitive prices.


We are actively involved in printing conductive patches and wearable devices for over 12 programs that are in mass production at various levels. We have engineered the critical material set (PET film, conductive inks, dielectrics) and printed the devices that perform in accordance with customer requirements. We’re pleased to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.


With manual sheet-fed, automatic sheet-fed, and web roll-to-roll presses in-house, Nissha GSI can tailor the size of each run to the opportunity or substrate used and easily scale when demand rises. Many manufacturing lines utilize 100% electrical testing for continuous process control and continuous vision systems for defect detection.


Products are produced every day based on a large variety of substrates and conductive materials. Polymer film and paper substrates are quite common. A broad choice of ink systems are available depending on desired functionality. Systems include silver, silver chloride, gold, carbon, platinized carbon, nickel, zinc, bismuth, tungsten, graphene, and various unique nanoparticle materials.

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