Printing and Converting in the Medical Market

Medical electrode printing sensors GSIGSI has a unique understanding of medical equipment and diagnostic product quality requirements for both labeling and manufacturing electrodes, sensors, and other components for diagnostic systems. We feature ISO 13485 certified quality and manufacturing processes. We support medical component product development protocols through structured validation programs. We have a thorough understanding of medical electrode printing requirements for multi-layer and thru-hole conductivity in addition to 100% inspection and testing if required. We also offer material certification and product traceability via customized ERP system applications.

GSI is ISO 13485 Registered


Medical Equipment and Diagnostic Device Experience

Glucose Test Strip medical electrode printing sensors roll GSIBoth the labeling and printed electronics divisions have the assets, personnel and experience to help our customers go from “Lab to Fab” efficiently and successfully. We have more than 100 years of collective engineering experience. We have commercially produced disposable medical diagnostics, flow cytometry devices, electroluminescent (EL) lamps, antennas, and circuit assembly products in addition to critical informational labels.

Helping customers succeed in this space requires that we understand and perform to strict quality and regulatory requirements. Our ISO 13485 certified processes and our employees’ dedication to doing things right every time, result in GSI being a valued supplier-partner to leaders in the medical products field. Whether it’s functional components or graphic products for devices or medical consumables, GSI delivers consistent quality, reliability and value.

GSI industrial tag label UL CSA
Case Study: Pushing the limits of Printed Electronics in Medical

When a start-up organization approached GSI with a component need for an immunoassay test that could speed data availability for faster diagnosis in a critical situation, GSI was intrigued. The product for use in emergency departments and First Responders includes printed electrodes in a complicated device required tight layer to layer registration as well as precision laser cutting that was not within GSI’s core competencies. GSI studied the requirements and through its knowledge of materials processing and an investment in capital equipment was able to meet the unique requirements of this breakthrough product.

Case Study: When New Medical Packaging and Old Labeling Don’t Mesh

When a major producer of bio-medical monitoring devices and sensors was starting up a new, ultra high speed packaging line, it became apparent that the label construction they had used in the past was not fully compatible with their new line, significantly slowing production. GSI worked closely with one of our materials partners and in less than 60 days proposed a new label construction that worked most effectively on the new packaging line…at no additional cost. And GSI assisted our customer by remaining involved through the required testing and certification of this new label construction. It was officially approved, has performed exactly as required, and is seeing use on additional high speed lines added as our customer’s business in this product has developed.

If you are looking for printing solutions for medical, industrial, automotive, or consumer products, give us a call at 630-325-8181. Let’s work together to find a solution that fits.

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