Inks for Transparent Electrodes

Clear Electrodes for Transparent Products

While ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) has long satisfied the needs of the transparent electrodes markets, the next generation of devices is more demanding as end users continue to request improvements in device form factor, physical adaptability, performance, and price. To satisfy these requirements, a new material was needed that was not only transparent and conductive but also flexible, formable, and cost-effective for end users. Nissha GSI developed this exact solution.

For applications where transparency, conductivity, and flexibility are all required, a new material had to be created - Flexible Hybrid Transparent Conductive Films. The applications for these unique inks are tremendous. Specially designed patterns of these carbon nanotube inks and hybrid transparent conductive films can redirect up to 95% of radio frequency (RF) energy from smartphones thats users are typically exposed to. This same ink technology reduces the strain on cell phone batteries, thus creating longer life on a single battery charge.

Nissha GSI has become a key printing partner for these ink solutions, demonstrating this unique ink technology in other markets such as transportation, appliances, small electronics, interactive display and signage, and environmental and energy storage, all of which are critical for the success of the Internet of Things.



In addition to our own design and creation of this technology, Nissha GSI has long-standing relationships with key material and equipment suppliers, enabling us to give you consistent quality at competitive prices.


At Nissha GSI, we have differentiated ourselves as the industry leader for transparent electrodes, successfully providing solutions across a variety of markets and touchpoints for the Internet of Things.


Flat-bed print lines are utilized to support early stage process development and for producing prototypes. As volume grows, our roll-to-roll print lines have the print speed and drying capacity to support high-volume requirements.


Nissha GSI's design of transparent and flexible inks allow us to print products that are invisible by design. Our unique material printing capabilities allow us to produce printed circuitry that would otherwise be impossible.

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