BURR RIDGE, Illinois, January 22, 2007 – Graphics Solutions International, industry leader in functional printing and industrial graphics products, has reorganized, added senior management, and changed its name to GSI Technologies, effective January 1, 2007.

“The new name, which is the final step in our rebranding effort, represents our commitment to our customers, as well as to the emerging print and converting technologies we have recently been exploring and developing,” explained President/COO Jack Kraemer. “We retained GSI, the name by which we are commonly known, to symbolize our industrial graphics heritage. We introduced the word ‘technologies’ to highlight our investments and commitment to world class functional printing.”

Kraemer, a 20-year marketing and healthcare executive who joined the company in 2006, announced that the new tagline “intelligent printing” has been added “to identify what we have always done and will continue to do: provide all our customers with smart solutions to their printing needs.”

With the name change, the company has been organized into two divisions: Industrial Graphics and Functional Printing.

The Industrial Graphics Division employs a variety of printing processes, such as flexography, hot stamping, web and sheet fed screen printing and fotofinish (photo-etching) to deliver high-quality pressure sensitive labels, aluminum nameplates, and polycarbonate panels. Division General Manager, Art Bowers, former GSI Sales Manager, heads the group.

Prior to joining GSI, Mr. Bowers, who has 30-plus years of packaging industry experience, served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Advanced Web Technologies in Minneapolis, MN.

“We have more than 20 years of experience in the Industrial Graphics markets, including tags, labels and nameplates,” said Bowers. “These markets represent the core of our business and are extremely important to GSI Technologies. The technical proficiency and breath of capability, along with the solid reputation for quality and reliability we’ve earned over the years in Industrial Graphics will continue to contribute to our future success.”

The company’s second division, Functional Printing, is a leading producer of medical electrodes, passive and powered RFID products, smart card inlays, and electroluminescent lamps. Company CTO and Functional Printing General Manager, Adam Laubach, joined the company in early 2006.

Laubach brings 15 years of material science based product development, commercialization and B2B business management. He is a recognized leader in the field of “printed electronics”, and was co-founder and CTO of the Dow Chemical spin-off, Aveso Displays.

“The products we currently manufacture for the medical industry, along with our electroluminescence products, are each forms of functional printing, which GSI Technologies has been producing for the past 7 years. It’s become one of our critical areas of expertise,” said Laubach. “Smart cards and smart labels, including RFID, represent a couple of the fast growing international opportunities we are focused on today. We believe the experience we’ve gained over the years in functional printing makes us quite different from our competitors. Also, our extensive knowledge and relationships with key ink manufacturers and material suppliers enable us to conduct ongoing process and product improvement, and match appropriate materials to specific end-use applications.”

With the identity change, the company launched a new web site: www.GSITech.com, and a new email address nomenclature: (first name initial)(last name)@GSITech.com.

About GSI Technologies
GSI Technologies is a Burr Ridge, Illinois-based manufacturer of functional printing and industrial graphic products. Originally known as Graphic Solutions, Inc., it was created in 1985 as a label and nameplate brokerage by siblings Suzanne and Bob Zaccone. Through the years, it expanded into printing pressure sensitive labels, aluminum nameplates, polycarbonate panels, and conductive printed products for the medical market. In 2000, it became the first licensed manufacturer of thin, flexible batteries in sheet form. Later, it began producing RFID antennas, medical electrodes, smart cards, RFID systems, and electroluminescent lamps. Since 2004, it has been a part of Thrall Enterprises, a family-owned holding company with corporate offices in Chicago.

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