Custom Die Cut Components

When it comes to fabrication, Nissha GSI has what you need. We cater to tight tolerance cutting requirements, controlling the process through digital controls, optical registration, and precision tooling.

From die cutting to punching to laser cutting, we have the tools and technology to do the job right.

Precision Die Cutting Capabilities

We have the tools needed to get every job done. Die cutting can be achieved through rotary dies, steel rule dies, and matched metal tooling. Tight tolerances are no problem. We offer both in-line rotary and flatbed die cutting. We can cut both roll and sheet-fed materials, and perform kiss cutting and scoring when needed. Our in-line inspection ensures accuracy.

Laser Cutting for Extreme Precision

Laser cutting processes give Nissha GSI the ability to convert materials well beyond the typical accuracy capabilities of traditional die cutting. Our equipment can be set to extremely high precision tolerances. We can provide quick prototypes and, best of all, there are no tooling costs.

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