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GSI inspection in-line printed electronicsThe GSI team will solve those unique customer requirements. Our engineers and estimators work closely with our customers from the concept stage through design, engineering, material evaluation and testing.


GSI analytical tools surface topology printed electronicsFor printed electronics, our stage gate process then drives prototyping and final validation processes to assure that our products meet our customers’ unique design requirements. GSI has the capacity to manufacture part volumes in the billions commercially for the medical diagnostic and life sciences industries with more than a decade of experience using conductive carbon, Ag/AgCl and silver inks. GSI has successfully scaled multiple printed electronic designs within the automotive and consumer markets. We are also working with next generation materials including nano-silver, graphene and carbon nanotube inks.


GSI analytical tools printed electronics engineering

Unique Experience and Knowledge in Printed Electronics


  • Staffing to support printed electronic designs requiring materials science, electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering
  • Materials expertise with printing conductive systems including inks and coatings coupled with various substrate options (Polyester, Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Polyimide, Paper and others)
  • Computer aided design (CAD) support for printed customer applications
  • Roll to roll commercial lines with 100% inspection capability
  • Automatic sheet fed lines with 100% electrical testing capability and statistical process control (SPC)
  • In-house die, punch and laser cutting to enhance the critical print to cut dimensions required for unique constructions
  • Roll to roll lamination and printed adhesive options
  • Confocal microscopy and other analytical tools to analyze and optimize surface topology of printed materials
  • Superior converting partner relationships for enzyme dispense, specific converting operations including high volume laminating, singulating and packaging where required
GSI inspection electrical testing printed electronics


If you are looking for printing solutions for medical, industrial, automotive, or consumer products, give us a call at
630-325-8181. Let’s work together to find a solution that fits.

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