Printed Technology on the Front Line

The defense industry is very well suited to leverage the many manufacturing advantages afforded by printed electronics, including the light weight of materials. With the ability to provide critical circuitry with more flexibility and less weight than conventional hard wiring, the most common applications of printed electronics for the defense sector include:

  • Durable Diagnostic Sensors
  • Smart Battle Dress Uniforms
  • Light Photovoltaic Solar Cells
  • Flexible Batteries
  • Lightweight Vehicle and Weapon Components

Our team's familiarity with ink solutions and material substrates make Nissha GSI the ideal partner for innovative prototyping, while our state-of-the-art roll-to-roll printing process allows for seamless transition to high-volume production. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service and 100% inspection/testing directly correlates to the consistently high quality Nissha GSI is able to achieve for each and every one of our clients' projects.

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