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Nissha GSI is at the forefront of manufacturing a broad and diverse offering of printed electronics for wearable products. By combining our completely flexible printing capabilities and different fabrics including stretchable athletic wear, Nissha GSI is an industry leader in wearable technology and electronics. Nissha GSI utilizes ink sets including Silver (Ag), Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl), carbon, and dielectric inks that are specially designed for use with flexible substrates. The flexible substrates have included a variety of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) based materials.

Along with materials knowledge, Nissha GSI is able to use its manufacturing capabilities, such as sheet or roll based through-hole printing and high-precision laser converting, to enable new product designs. With our downstream converting partners, wearable parts can also have adhesive applied, be packaged, and sterilized.

Wearable technology includes the following
medical, fitness, and wellness products:

  • Stretch Fabrics and Athletic Wear
  • Medical EKG/ECG Vest
  • Military And Firefighter Uniforms

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