Company Overview

Located in suburban Chicago, Nissha GSI, a subsidiary of Nissha, is a company with a unique history of experience, innovation, and dedication to the highest standards of quality, which is evident in our products, services, and in our operating principles.

We have extensive capabilities to produce functional printed products from prototyping to high-volume production and everything in between. Leveraging our 40 years of experience with precision printing, we use conductive inks to create durable, high-performance RFID antennae, electrodes, medical diagnostic sensors, drug delivery patches, organic photovoltaics, electro-chromatic and thermo-chromatic displays, smart cards, and many other applications across various industries.

Nissha GSI’s printed electronic capabilities make us an industry leader in the constantly growing space of functional printing. Our unique “Lab to Fab” or “Concept to Completion” business model enables companies with emerging technology and applications to finalize development and efficiently scale into production. Today, Nissha GSI is a leading provider of medical diagnostic electrodes, RFID antennaes, printed heaters, printed sensors, EL lamps, and many other printed electronic applications.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create world class development and production partnerships using current and emerging print and converting technologies to help our customers, suppliers, and employees grow.


To deliver a high level of customer satisfaction through quality, service, and value.
To be the development and production partner of choice in our target markets.
To attract, develop, and retain quality people who share our core values.
To prioritize and invest in resources required to implement market-driven technologies.

We want to be your printing solution

From medical and automotive to industrial and defense, if you have a complicated print job, give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.
Our printing experience and quality standards are only rivaled by our dedication to customer satisfaction.

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