Commercial & Retail

Printed Sensors for Commercial and Retail Applications

There are many applications for printed electronics in retail and commercial sectors. Among the most widely deployed applications are RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) antennas, in addition to larger HD printed antennas, which are well suited to leverage the myriad advantages of printed conductive inks. The leading and most popular commercial and retail applications include:

  • Apparel Tagging
  • Highway Toll Stations
  • Contactless Cards for Various Payments
  • Automotive Identification for Tax Payment Verification
  • Inventory Management
  • Data Exchange
  • Communications

Nissha GSI has been printing HD antennas for over 5 years and continues to improve the material set to drive down costs while providing superior performance. Our team's familiarity with ink solutions and material substrates makes Nissha GSI the ideal partner for innovative prototyping, while our state-of-the-art roll-to-roll printing process allows for seamless transition to high-volume production. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service and 100% inspection/testing directly correlates to the consistently high quality Nissha GSI is able to achieve for each and every one of our clients' projects.

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