Printed, Flexible Battery Power

The market for thin, flexible printed batteries has become very active in recent years due to the rise of the Internet of Things and many printed electronics wearable and environmental sensors applications requiring this type of power source. These applications require new printed form factors of ultra-thin, flexible battery designs that traditional battery technologies cannot provide which has led to much innovation in this sector by several companies that Nissha GSI has worked with to produce their batteries.

Nissha GSI has a very long heritage making printed batteries that goes back over 14 years. There are many solutions in the industry that include printed batteries, thin-film batteries, lithium-ion batteries, micro-batteries, zinc-based technology and more. Every printed battery has different requirements for power requirements, lifetime, thinness, cost, charging cycles, reliability, flexibility and more. Some of the specific applications include interactive greeting cards, functional electronic devices, sensor and data logging systems, radio frequency (RF) enabled cards and tags designed to track products, speed transactions and provide instant authentication.

Our sheet-fed screen printing lines allow for low volume prototyping and our large format roll-to-roll capability allows us to produce large volume reliable, thin-film batteries based on a set of proprietary electrochemical inks and electrodes used with many devices for their power supply.



Nissha GSI has long-standing relationships with key material, technology, and equipment suppliers, enabling us to give you consistent quality at competitive prices.


Nissha GSI has an extensive and broad engineering capabilities. Our experienced team has helped many companies navigate difficult technical problems not solved by other manufacturing partners.


Prototype batteries are easily created and fully scalable from sheet-based prototyping to roll-to-roll, high-volume processing. Our materials can create energy producing, stable batteries that are flexible and printable to any surface.


Products are produced every day based on a large variety of substrates and conductive materials. Systems include silver, silver chloride, gold, carbon, platinized carbon, nickel, zinc, bismuth, tungsten, graphene, and various unique nanoparticle materials.

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