Automotive Flexible Electronics Fabrication

Nissha GSI has serviced the automotive industry through multiple applications for years, including instrument cluster backlighting and printed heating elements. We offer structured product scale-up with validation programs (PPAP) and comprehensive electronic document control. Our in-line and 100% inspection/testing capability ensures a quality end product.

Known for our heated seat solutions, Nissha GSI has expertise with gentherm technology to create heated comfort for any surface. Printed patterns can be attached underneath any fabric or surface to create a regulated and consistent heat flow. The printed heater has a unique safety characteristic that limits heat so that surfaces remain safe in automobiles and other applications. This feature is driven primarily by the chemistry of the PTC-ink (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and its unique ability to self-regulate. The auto industry's mandate of zero-defect requires that unique manufacturing processes capable of both high-volume production and real-time mapping of resistance characteristics were required for mass production. Nissha GSI meets these regulations and works with customer to ensure requirements and compliance are met.

Nissha GSI offers complimentary working sample sheets of our printed heater circuitry for you to test the innovative power of printed electronics. Request a sheet delivered to you.

Nissha GSI’s process and manufacturing engineers led the in-house development of an in-line testing system never before witnessed in a screen printing process. Confidence in NIssha GSI’s prototyping process, an understanding of automotive validation requirements, and strong engineering ingenuity have led commercial products to be incorporated in many cars on the road today.

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