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GSI Technologies, LLC – Announcement of 30th Anniversary

October 8, 2015 – Burr Ridge, Il.

GSI Technologies recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Originally known as Graphic Solutions, Inc., GSI was created in 1985 as a label and nameplate brokerage by siblings Suzanne and Bob Zaccone. Through the years, it expanded into printing pressure sensitive labels and nameplates as well as conductive printed electronic products including contactless card antennas, electroluminescent lamps, diagnostic and therapeutic medical electrodes, printed conductors and smart card inlay assemblies. Since 2004, GSI has been a part of Thrall Enterprises, a family-owned holding company with corporate offices in Chicago.

GSI Technologies held an onsite gathering to celebrate the occasion which was well attended by original founders, Suzanne and Bob, Jeff Thrall, and several GSI retirees as well as current employees. “I couldn’t be prouder of the ways in which our talented employees have helped advance the science of printing at GSI. Our quality standards and innovative print processes make our organization stand out in the industry,” noted Dave Austin, President and COO of GSI Technologies. “It’s exciting to imagine how printed electronics will evolve over the next thirty years, knowing that GSI will be at the forefront of this advancing technology.”

About GSI Technologies
GSI Technologies is a Burr Ridge, Illinois-based specialty manufacturer of printed electronics and industrial graphic label products.

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GSI Technologies 30th Anniversary

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