Consumer Wearable Electronics and Product Labeling

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GSI continues to develop its unique custom printing capabilities and has, over time, witnessed the need for more complex solutions for its customer base allowing for a natural migration from industrial labels into unique consumer products requirements for both labeling and printed electronics. Labeling has also driven the needs for material development and digital options for short run that allow for cost effective product labeling programs. Our expertise has consequently spilled over into the consumer products area.

Wearables increase the visibility for printed electronics to add value via stretchable circuits solving unique needs for sensing applications in consumer garments.

Durable Product Labeling

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There are several specific niches we have been able to help with labeling and packaging including consumer packaging commercial food & beverage dispensing equipment and institutional health and fitness equipment. If you need help with labeling or packaging, call the experts at GSI Technologies. We can help create a custom solution for you.


Durable Equipment Labeling

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CASE STUDY: Commercial Food & Beverage Dispensing Equipment Labeling

Anyone who has filled a cup with a cold drink at many of the leading fast food restaurants has probably seen our label and nameplate products. We supply these products, as well as the ones you don’t see inside the beverage machines, to world leaders in this market. Our printed parts must be eye-catching in some applications, as well as sturdy and easy to read in other applications. Still other applications require extreme precision in printing, cutting and assembly. We provide this in all of our products – every day.


GSI Rethinks the Drinks

A leading producer of commercial beverage dispensing machines invited GSI to consult on how they could save money and improve efficiencies. Over just a couple of months, we audited their shop floors, collected samples of every label and nameplate product they used – hundreds of SKU’s, studied their usage and order patterns, and consulted with their engineering, manufacturing and supply chain personnel. Our proposal guaranteed them substantial savings in unit costs, ordering efficiencies and shop floor efficiency improvements. And GSI delivered on our guarantee. In less than 6 months, we fully implemented all of the changes and programs we had proposed, including installation of a Kanban program that is truly a win-win solution. We are delivering the substantial savings we promised, and our customer has demonstrated their confidence in us by bringing us into several additional operations.


Overlay nutrition beverage consumer product labelCASE STUDY: Institutional Health & Fitness Equipment Labeling

Institutional work-out machines experience heavy and constant use in sometimes hot and humid conditions. The machines must be durable, as must all of the labels, nameplates, and display panel overlays used in building them. GSI uses a variety of printing processes with a large assortment of materials to produce graphic products that are as durable as the machines themselves. Our display panel overlays are colorful, informative, and resistant to perspiration and cleaning chemicals.


GSI Does the Heavy Lifting on Fitness Equipment Labeling

A leader in the global health and fitness equipment business approached GSI with an unusual label requirement: the new labels would carry serial numbers for individual pieces of equipment, in both numeric and 2D barcode format. The serialized numbering on the labels needed to be certified as absolutely accurate. Once applied, the labels also needed to be resistant to daily exposure to commercial cleaning and sterilizing chemicals – for the life of the equipment. Lastly, the labels needed to be constructed so as to resist removal or tampering, and indicate if efforts were made to do so. Needless to say, GSI delivered on every requirement. And our customer – and their customer – are delighted with the robust label design and result.


If you are looking for printing solutions for medical, industrial, automotive, or consumer products, give us a call at 630-325-8181. Let’s work together to find a solution that fits.

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