Printed Electronics in the Medical Field

Nissha GSI has the assets, personnel, and experience to help our customers go from “concept to completion” efficiently and successfully. Our capabilities and expertise include:

  • Diagnostic Test Strips
  • Electrodes and Sensors for EKG and EEG
  • Microfluids
  • Disposable Medical Diagnostics
  • Drug Delivery Patches
  • Smart Packaging
  • Real-Time Patient Monitoring

Where and when it matters most, trust the leader in printed electronics for medical device engineering to keep your patients safe. Nissha GSI has a unique understanding of medical equipment and product quality requirements for manufacturing electrodes, sensors, and other components for diagnostic and medical systems. We feature ISO 13485 certified quality and manufacturing processes and support medical component product development protocols through structured validation programs. We have a thorough understanding of medical electrode printing requirements for multi-layer and through-hole conductivity in addition to offering 100% inspection and testing. We also provide material certification and product traceability via customized ERP system applications.

Nissha GSI has designed and created products and devices that increase efficiency and enhance safety, response time within hospitals, and the capabilities of self-medication and regulation.

An EKG glove that can be use to determine heart activity
using printed electronics and electrodes.
Diagram of how the EKG glove works.
in vitro diagnostics

Helping customers succeed in this space requires that we perform to strict quality and regulatory requirements. Our ISO 13485 certified processes and our employees’ dedication to doing things right every time result in Nissha GSI being a valued supplier-partner to leaders in the medical products field. Whether it’s functional components for devices or medical consumables, Nissha GSI delivers consistent quality, reliability, and value.

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