The Functional Printing division of GSI Technologies is dedicated to the highest quality production and integration of a wide range of active products and components, including contactless card antennas, electroluminescent lamps, diagnostic and therapeutic medical electrodes, printed conductors and smart card inlay assemblies. Our focus on custom solutions and commitment to excellence enables technical product integrators and OEMs to lower production costs, enhance the performance of their products, and increase the profitability of their businesses.

Let GSI Technologies help you take your most innovative ideas to market.

Business Model

GSI Technologies - Functional Printing - Lab to Fab

Lab to Fab >>

GSI partners with companies to finalize development and scale production for printed electronic applications.


GSI Technologies - Industrial Graphics - Labels

Quality >>

GSI offers reliable and repeatable quality to our customers.  We are dedicated to continuous improvement for increased customer satisfaction.  GSI employs real-time SPC systems and computer controlled vision systems in our manufacturing operations.  We monitor our product and service utilizing electronic Production controls and Quality Management Systems.   As a result, you can count on the same precision quality with every order.  This is our commitment to you as our valued customer.

 GSI is ISO13485:2003 Registered and ISO9001:2008 Registered.


GSI Technologies - Functional Printing - Medical Electrodes

Medical Electrodes & Sensors >>

GSI develops and produces technologically advanced diagnostic and therapeutic electrodes for the health industry.
GSI Technologies - Functional Printing - Electroluminescence

Electroluminescence >>

GSI is a recognized leader in EL lamp design, production and testing. GSI’s EL lamps meet or exceed the performance requirements of automotive, consumer and hand-held portable device manufacturers, and are among the brightest available.

GSI Technologies - Functional Printing - Circuits

Circuits >>

GSI Technologies develops and produces a wide variety of circuit assemblies utilizing conductive, resistive, and insulating materials.